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Recent News [10 Jan 2009|10:14pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

Kevin Thorn has been released from his job at WWE.

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For the_archangel [12 Aug 2008|08:09pm]

I understand that you are a little (or quite) retarded, but under no circumstances does that give you the right to call someone YOU stole graphics from a cunt. Not only are you using walkwiththedead's icons without credit, but you STOLE a Kevin Thorn wallpaper from her old website and made it look terribly disgusting by putting your own horrible graphic making skills on it and are now using it for a header. With, I might add NO CREDIT WHATSOEVER. It's kinda hypocritical since you expect people to credit your horrible graphics. I thought you were a pretty bad person after all the shit that went down in your stupid wwe_icons community, but this pretty much takes the cake(which you probably ate) and makes you a terrible person.

walkwiththedead has amazing graphical talent and is kind enough to make graphics for people to use, and people like you shit on her? I'm pretty sure that makes YOU the cunt.

Yes, before you or any of your tard friends say "why didn't you do this in a more private way?" Well I would have, except you have banned me from all of your journals, so this is your fault I am calling you out.

I'd say have a nice day, but I wouldn't mean it. I hope you have a terrible day.


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Another new look. [26 Jun 2008|01:20pm]

Thought I'd post pics of the new Kevin Thorn.....I took these Tuesday at the ECW/SD taping. I couldn't believe it myself when he came out but it was him. Anyways Tommy Dreamer beat Thorn in the dark match.

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Hello dead community! [24 Nov 2007|08:34pm]

[ mood | horny ]

Kevin Thorn has a new look and a new gimmick. I'm sad to see the vampire go. *pouts* I also do not like the hair. Looks like he's back to his OVW look. There is one good thing about this gimmick change so far, though. The singlet, though not nearly as pretty or as dashing as the coats and vests and ties... *looks at how the shorts ride up and smirks* The singlet definitely has a plus!

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Updates. [09 Jun 2007|12:34pm]


Kevin made his Power 25 debut this week. Under the cut is also a brand new hq profile photo and a new WWE auction photo.

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Icons & Bases [07 May 2007|03:16pm]

[x]5 Ariel [ECW]
[x]7 Maria [WWE]
[x]12 Kevin Thorn [ECW]
[x]16 Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix
[x]8 Gerard Way [My Chemical Romance]
[x]24 Kevin Thorn/Ariel Icon BASES


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New Layout. [03 May 2007|10:39pm]

Hey everyone, just dropping by to let you know that I put up a new layout (FINALLY!) at Kevin-Thorn.Net so if you get a chance check it out and leave me some comments there :D
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Ariel's In The Cards [03 May 2007|10:39am]

In the Cards for 05/03/07
By Ariel

This week, the cards tell the story of an exceptional extreme member of the dark world of sports-entertainment. It is a tale of both fear and success.

Before proceeding with this week’s prophecy, I would like to look back to last week’s forecast regarding the misfortunes of one Bobby Lashley. Mr. Lashley looks lighter than ever with his most prized golden accessory removed from his waist. Those who did not heed the cards’ prediction should rethink their actions, for the cards have once again proven to know all.

This week, the cards see a Superstar who is more than a man. He is beyond mortal. This week’s prophecy is about my Kevin Thorn and the beginning of his journey to the peak of sports-entertainment.

The Land of the Extreme became more dangerous when the vampire left the New Breed faction. Oh, he and I may be on our own, but that only creates an unpredictable atmosphere for the others who wander the Land of the Extreme.

The cards bring a warning this week to those sloths in the ECW jungle. Be forewarned that the vampire Superstar is loose and armed with a wicked bite and an undying hunger for the ECW World Title, which will only be quenched when all has been destroyed that stands in his path.

Don’t thank me for this tale of dark triumph. Thank the cards, for, as always, they know all.
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ECW Results [02 May 2007|12:34am]

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Candid Photo [26 Apr 2007|03:02am]

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[24 Apr 2007|02:43pm]

I'm so in love with this layout. And finally someone made a place for Thorn.
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Welcome. [24 Apr 2007|12:48am]

Welcome to kevinthornfans, a livejournal community for ECW Extremist Kevin Thorn. Feel free to join and start posting, but please check out the userinfo and read the rules first :] Also, don't forget to visit KEVIN-THORN.NET, the site which this community is directly affiliated with.

Also! If you have a wrestling related community and wish to be affiliated with this community, comment and let me know, I'll add you asap :]
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